Depend On God Team

"Bringing the freedom and power of the        
Gospel to sports participants of all ages."     

Competing Through Christ
Winning Without Compromise

Introducing: - Depend on God Team

The concept was derived through conversations held between John Sanders and Steve Shelton. I, John Sanders, thought there should be an organization that "Competes through Christ!"

We are pushed to compete while still in the diaper. "Will little Johnnie say Daddy or Mommy first?" The competition continues during our youth through baseball, soccer, etc. It comes to a peak during our high school years when the system pushes to "crush" the opponent facing you. We often compete, within the rules, but push the threshold to gain an edge. I thought that if every athlete, young/old, big/small and in every sport would simply remember to "Depend on God" and compete in His light that we could create a better/safer atmosphere.

That atmosphere is not only for our youth. Both Steve and I compete in racquetball on the State level. We compete not only through the rules that regulate the sport, but God's rules - the ones that govern our lives. We will be holding D.O.G.Team meetings prior to the beginning of every tournament (that we are present) to spread our message.

D.O.G.Team will not only stress competition through God, but to lead your life through Him. One can be a member of D.O.G.Team and never pick up a racquet, or strap on running shoes. Simply take a quiet time every day to find yourself and listen to his word. Soon you too will be not only a member of D.O.G.Team, but will lead others to His path!

"Remember Christ, not only on Sunday, but every day of your life. Live through Him. "Depend on God" and the way will be shone to you!"

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