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Introducing: - Depend on God Team

A Message From Stephen Shelton:

Thank you for hearing the tender loving call of our God and Lord, and for taking a moment out of your busy day to visit I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus for quietly touching my friend in Christ, John Sanders. John not only heard God's "still small whisper" but he boldly shared with me what he heard from God that day. He and I heeded God's whisper and told a small group of believers who we both knew in and around New Orleans. Shortly after John brought this vision of God to me, I created this website in 2002.

You may read the original message as it was displayed by visiting this link - The Original This is the original purpose, as it was given to me by John Sanders.

Please visit our new website by clicking on this link - The New

Sunday morning, Feb. 5, 2012 God spoke to my heart with a renewed purpose for this ten year old website and this message is the result of this most recent "whisper of God." It was very clear to me that this site was to be used to provide a way for all to come and build up His name and His Kingdom.

As John wrote when he explained the original purpose, "We are taught a spirit of competition that permeates all endeavors during our lives, both young and old, which inevitably leads to self-dependence and not completely Depending On God, as Jesus calls us to do."

We all face daily challenges in our individual lives, our family lives, and in our jobs.  will offer a place for all believers to come and experience the reality of the ministry of Jesus on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This ministry will provide an open forum for prayer and worship to build up the His church; the body of believers who share a relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We will attempt to do this through a social community and will make use of these forms of communication:

  • telephone
  • e-mail
  • digital media
  • social networks.

Our prayer and worship telephone conference call will be the first of our efforts to connect together for this purpose. Please join with us to Glorify His Name and to participate in a time of corporate prayer and worship weekly at pre-designated times.

All callers will be joined together on one open phone line similar to the typical business conference call. Believers and non-believers alike can participate anonymously or not, as they choose. All participants must have a valid email account to login to the call.

"I finally found a life worth living for. Bring your peace, bring your joy, let it rain, let it pour. I'm not looking for just another touch, I'm just looking for the one real Jesus."

Jesus came to earth as a man, a human. He, who is the one and only living God, did indeed come to live on this earth as a man. He came to live on the earth as we live. He came to face the same daily challenges that we face, and to experience exactly what we, as mankind, will face during all the days of our lives. We believe that the ministry of Jesus is to make his believers whole, from the top our heads to the tip of our toes, inside and out; while healing us from every and all hurts, and leading us, or carrying us, through every challenge we face.

As a body of believers we will have the opportunity to join together and know that we all can fully "Depend On God", and can team up and call on His provision in our lives as we all agree together in prayer and believe corporately for God to meet us in our needs.

Together as a community built alone on the similar beliefs that Jesus is the one and only solution to all of our challenges, struggles and problems, we will pray and worship during these telephone conference calls.

------------ is a 100% volunteer ministry made up of a small group of believers who have answered the call of God to provide a place to meet in such a way.  

"Remember Christ, not only on Sunday, but every day of your life. Live through Him. "Depend on God" and the way will be shone to you!"

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